KERBEDANZ - Esperanza


KERBEDANZ - Esperanza

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KERBEDANZ gave to this beautiful jewelry model the Spanish name of Hope: Esperanza.

The Hope is an attitude of mind to consider the possibility, or even the belief or the faith in a better future for oneself or for the others. To continue to hope, even when everything collapses around you, is a feeling that perhaps is unique to human beings. In any case, this optimistic attitude of mind can be noticed in the very first invocations to the divine.

In the Greek mythology, in the myth of Pandora, the gods take revenge of mortals by sending them the first women, Pandora, knowing her curiosity pushes her to open the lid of the jar (pithos) where are held prisoners all the evils of humanity. They then escape from the jar and overwhelm mankind, while Pandora, frightened by this act, closes the lid just in time to keep Hope inside.

In the three major theological virtues: Faith, Charity (or love) and Hope, when the lights of the Faith and Charity are extinguished by the breath of the infernal powers, only the light of Hope continues to shine, thus ensuring the future salvation of humanity.

In art and literature, the Hope is often present. Many artists represent Hope in allegoric forms, like the anchor, for example, which maintains stable the ship of life in the middle of the swell.

Green is the color assigned to Hope, as the emeralds set on the dial and the bezel of Esperanza, and the color of the strap.

As a female first name, Hope took different forms depending on the languages: as the French name “Nadège” derived from the Russian name Nadiejda, which means Hope, The name Esperanza, derived from Spanish, is understandable in all languages and also in Esperanto.

Automatic mechanical KRB-03 caliber, designed, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz and Technotime, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 35 jewels.

Hours, minutes.

18K yellow or rose gold, 41mm. Case and lugs decorated with diamonds and emeralds. Designed, decorated and manufactured by Kerbedanz. Sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment.
Water-resistant 5 atm. The crown dressed with diamonds is situated in the north-east, between 1 and 2 o’clock.

Massive yellow or rose gold, set with diamonds (8.78 ctw)  and 50 emeralds. Designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.

Alligator mississippiensis with 18K gold double folding clasp with a special Kerbedanz design.

14 pieces.