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KERBEDANZ gave to this model the emblematic figure of the famous fish Koi, one of the vegetarian sub-species of carp, which has become a powerful symbol in the Far Eastern cultures.

Symbol of life, fecundity and virility for people, but also of wealth, the Koi carps symbolize more particularly the strength and perseverance as they move against the current of rivers and waterfalls of Japan and Asia. As their Chinese name is synonymous with the word "abundance", their image is often used in wishes of wealth and prosperity.

Contrary to what one might think, Koi carp originates neither from Japan nor from China. The oldest form of nishikigoï called magoï, was black and lived in the Black Sea, the Caspian, Aral and Azov seas. The first writings about it appeared in China, around 500 BC.

According to Chinese legend, the Yellow River Carp, after ascending the river, would fly to the sky turning into dragon. This legend originates from Koi-Nobori, in Japan, which means, ventilators in shape of Koi, used on the children's day, May 5. They were intended to encourage boys to be strong and brave.

The Koi carps have an important place in Japanese culture as well as in Southeast Asia, where they embody a symbol of love and virility. Their success has spread everywhere, where these fishes were exported. Being very calm, the Koi carps bring beauty and serenity in a basin and decorate the Japanese gardens.

The representations of Carp Koi are multiple in painting and drawing, as well as in tattoo. It is represented swimming against the current. It embodies in the eyes of those who decide to engrave it on their bodies, the strongest symbol of courage, but it can also symbolize the serenity quest.

Mainly vegetarian, the Koi carp is not a predator, despite its big size, and wears different colors: red, white, yellow, black, etc. Some colored varieties are highly prized by collectors and can cost huge sums while they are barely two years old!


Mechanical hand-wound sapphire tourbillon KRB-02 caliber, designed, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz and Concepto, 19 jewels, 21’600 vib/h, 72-hour power reserve, 168 components, tourbillon cage with 80 components and a weight of 0.42g.

Hours, minutes, tourbillon.

18K white gold, 46mm. Designed and manufactured by Kerbedanz. Sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment. Water-resistant 5 atm. Crown situated in the north-east, between 1 and 2 o’clock.

Massive white gold. Bas-relief with Koï figure. Designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.

Alligator mississippiensis with 18K white gold folding clasp with a special Kerbedanz design.

14 pieces.